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Matt Conger's MR2 Turbo Website

Welcome To My MR2 Turbo Website

This web site features my 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo containing general information, modifications and pictures during my 24 years of adventurous MR2 ownership!

What's New?!?!


Yet again, its been too long since my last update, some details below. I keep a spreadsheet of dates, services & costs of everything I've done since I first purchased my MR2. I did some filtering & found a few cool facts of ownership over the last 24 years:

* 43 oil changes, average 3500 miles between them
* 13 sets of spark plugs changed
* 8 sets of tires on 3 different sets of wheels (OEM/Konig/SP1s)

November of '18, installed MR2 Heaven's dry fire extinguisher, mount & passenger seat bracket - functional & it looks good too.

May of '18, I commissioned Rocket Craft in Japan to build a custom stuffed model of my MR2 (see pics). The whole process only took about two months - I absolutely love it!

April of '18, installed Toyota Instrument Cluster Cover (clear plastic that covers over the tach/speedo) replacing the original scratched & hazed cover. I also installed the custom blended center console gauge panel (see pics) I made over the winter.

January of '18, installed MR2 Heaven's Ultimate Halo Shifter Surround Kit (Color is Brushed, Type 3 Holeless for under mount) & red-stitch shift boot. I had to do a lot of trimming under the surround for it to fit properly (see pics) to clear the shift cables w/my TRD short shifter. Once done, I applied a few coats of texture paint & a topcoat to match the interior armrest.

September of '17, I ruined the 255/40/17 rear Yokohama S-Drives after 1 year from the excessive camber needed to reduce the rubbing. I replaced them with the previous size I've run forever of 245/40/17 that clear fenders fine w/no rubbing at normal camber levels.

August of '17, I turned 150K on my stock long block!!!

New pics posted in a slide show "2013-2018".


Over the July 4th weekend I attended the Automass/Gridlife event at Autohbahn raceway in Joliet. It featured weekend of road racing, drifting & a car show. It was a really cool event; weather was great, met lots of new folks, reconnected w/some old MR2 friends & drooled over some fantastic cars. I entered my MR2 into the car show & to my surprise, the judges selected it as the "Best Toyota/Lexus/Scion" at the event.

The "2013-2017" Slide Show is now updated w/some pics.


It's been waaaay too long since my last update. I still dream about an ATS stroker engine, maybe even w/an AW-IC setup, but I can't justify it because my original 26yr old long-block is still running just fine. Here is a quick summary of updates over the last few years...

Fall of '16, I found chunks of yellow foam lying on the drivers floorboards. Turns out my steering column seal on the frunk firewall simply dried out & fell apart in a bunch of pieces. I ordered a new one, disconnected the column & replaced it; took just over an hour to install.
The 9yr old TwosRus links were worn out, making a "clanking" noise over small bumps that sounded really terrible. I disconnected them & the "clank" was gone so I replaced the front TwosRus sway bar end links w/another set.

Summer of '16, on the way into work, some road debris kicked up by another car smacked my front nose, spidering the paint & putting a big dent where the license plate would be. My re-spray was 10yrs old so I used this as an opportunity to refresh the front end. I had the nose repaired, front lip & hood refinished & blended into the front quarters.
My A/C was blowing warm air, considered converting to R34 but I decided to take a chance & bought some cans of R12 on eBay to refill it myself. The R12 wasn't cheap but equal to a conversation price w/much less hassle. My 2 took the R12 & stayed cold all summer; I'm hoping it stays "put" in the system (fingers crossed).

Spring of '16, the Dunlop Direzza tires were worn out so it was time for new tires. I decided to go with a less aggressive tire, Yokohama S-Drives...upsizing to 255/40/17 in the rear. I do rub over medium bumps so I added in some negative camber to save the tires. I plan on rolling the fenders some more to help reduce the rubbing.

Spring of '15, I had a decent crack in my lower windshield, called State Farm who ordered a $908 OEM windshield (only a handful new/old stock left in the USA). It was a $0 out of my pocket but it was a "claim" against the insurance; a no-brainer decision for me. I was shocked that SF would replace it w/an expensive OEM windshield & not an aftermarket one for half the price. I didn't expect to "see" such a huge before/after difference by replacing the original windshield...I just didn't realize all the pits & scratches of the original windshield over the years. Replacing it was one of the most satisfying changes I've done on my 2 in years.

October of '14. my yellow "low oil" light level was flickering on the way home from work & eventually stayed on. I got home, parked the car, went to check the oil level, found oil everywhere, dripping & pooling under the car - never a good sign. I let her sit overnight, started her the next day, no oil was dripping at first but it eventually started to drip & got much worse as the engine warmed up. So I figured it was pressure related with some type of oil seal. So My 2 was parked for the season to rebuild over the winter. Over the next four months I did A LOT of degreasing & "while I'm here, I might as well..." maintenance. I eventually found the leak was coming from the cam seals; both were dried out & one pushed itself out of the head. I ended up replacing the oil & water pumps, oil return hose, thermostat, all the belts (timing/alternator/AC), HFH & HFHOE, tensioner & idler pulleys, plastic engine & valve cover gaskets, cams & rear main seal, spark plugs, wires & cap/rotor, re-sealed the oil pan & flushed the coolant too. The oil leak is gone (thankfully) & added bonus is my oil pressure went up by 20lbs.
I also installed some JDM OEM horns I picked up from Chris on the MR2 board; much louder & deeper sound that bolted & plugged right in....gone is the wimpy "beep-beep" sound.

August of '14, random puffs of white smoke started coming out of my exhaust w/a heavy oil smell so I figured the turbo seals were gone; time to rebuild the 8yr old GReddy TD06 turbo. I ordered a complete Mitsubishi TD06 superback rebuild kit & heat shield from G-Pop Performance Turbo & dove into the my first turbo rebuild. I was a bit worried about not being able to rebalance the assembly but read enough online that said it wasn't needed so I figured I'd give it a shot. My turbo was a mess, dried up seals/rings literally falling apart to the touch & lots of baked on oil everywhere so I had lots of cleaning & degreasing. The hardest part for me was reassembly, getting the huge c-clip back in place, I ended up buying a ratchet ring plier tool from Napa that worked perfectly. Once the turbo was back together, smoke was gone & my butt dyno could feel more power in every gear.

Summer of '13, installed Chico Race Works shifter cable bearings, replacing the 10yr old Speed Source shifter bushings; a nice simple upgrade that smoothed out the shifting.

Fall of '12, installed EMS polished fuse box cover plates & a Cusco front OS strut bar, powder coated the brackets gloss black.

I have lots of pics that I'll post soon in a new slide show "2013-2017".

Last Updated - 5/31/19

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